Headaches are common injuries for people that have been involved in an accident. Although headaches may not be as evident as other injuries such as broken bones, you should never ignore them. At Newtown Chiropractic Center in Virginia Beach, we have an excellent chiropractic team that can diagnose your headaches and offers customized treatment plans. Our auto accident chiropractor is committed to getting you back on track to a pain-free life through chiropractic services. Let’s look at some of the common types of headaches we treat.

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Muscle Contraction Headaches

This type of headache is caused by neck, head, and shoulder muscle injuries. During motor accidents, the sudden jolting can result in soft tissue injuries and muscle strains.

Whiplash Headaches

During motor accidents, sudden force causes whiplash headaches in the neck and head. The sudden jerking can force the head and neck far forward or far backward, creating a strain on the soft tissues. In most cases, this type of headache will occur days or even weeks after the accident.

Post-Concussive Headaches

Post-concussive headaches, as the name insinuates, are caused by a concussion. The violent and sudden jolt or blow on the head during accidents can result in a brain injury, known as a concussion. The most common category of post-concussive headaches is migraines.

Fracture Headaches

Broken neck bones or fractured skulls cause fracture headaches. With fracture headaches, pain is felt at the back of the head and the neck or near the injury site. Their severity will depend on the extent of the injury.

Post-Traumatic Headaches

Post-traumatic headaches are a result of a head or neck trauma from an accident. Typically, these headaches only appear days or weeks after an auto accident.


  • Tenderness of the neck, head, and shoulder muscles
  • Dull and aching head sensations
  • Forehead tightness
  • Pressure on the back or sides of your head

Chiropractic Care for Headaches After a Car Accident

There are no one-size-fits-all treatment plans for these types of headaches. Many medical professionals will prescribe medication to alleviate the pain. However, these drugs often have long-term harmful effects. With chiropractic care, you can easily receive head pain relief without any side effects.

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