An auto accident can cause serious injuries, shoulder injuries being among the most common. If you are suffering from a shoulder injury caused by an auto accident, visit Newtown Chiropractic Center in Virginia Beach for assessment and treatment by our auto accident chiropractor. We offer services such as shoulder pain treatment through chiropractic care to help our patients find natural relief from pain and discomfort and ensure the injured area heals completely. Don’t live with chronic pain and inability to do your daily tasks due to a shoulder injury. Our Virginia Beach Chiropractor can help.

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Common Types of Shoulder Injuries Caused by Auto Accidents

Bone Fracture

Bone fractures are most common in accidents where there is a very high impact. The impact may cause a fracture in the collar bone, humerus, or shoulder blade.

Rotator Cuff Injury

A rotator cuff comprises four tendons and muscles surrounding the shoulder joint, supporting and stabilizing the joint. If a vehicle moves at a very high speed and gets into a collision, the shoulder can sustain tears in this group of muscles.

Deep Tissue Bruising

Deep tissue bruising occurs when the connective tissues and muscles in the shoulder are bruised. This bruising is a major cause of internal bleeding and severe pain.


A dislocation happens when the arm gets ejected from its proper position. Dislocations are very common in auto accidents since the shoulder is highly moveable.

Soft Tissue Trauma

Tendons, ligaments, and muscles in the shoulder area may suffer trauma after colliding into the dashboard, steering wheel, or any other hard surface.

Symptoms of Shoulder Injuries

Some of the most common symptoms of shoulder injuries include:

  • A tingling feeling in the shoulder
  • A stiff and tender shoulder
  • Pain in the shoulder that worsens with exertion
  • Trouble moving the arm in any direction

Chiropractic Treatment for Shoulder Injuries

Chiropractic care is one of the most effective treatment methods for shoulder injuries. Before starting treatment, our chiropractor examines the shoulder and the surrounding areas to see where the injury has occurred. Once we diagnose the root cause of your shoulder pain or discomfort, we can create a treatment plan that’s right for you. Our chiropractor will work with you over several treatment sessions to alleviate your symptoms and promote the rebuilding of strength and flexibility in the affected area.

Visit Our Auto Accident Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain Treatment in Virginia Beach

At Newtown Chiropractic Center in Virginia Beach, we encourage you to visit us if you notice any signs of a shoulder injury after an auto accident. Getting prompt treatment from a chiropractor ensures that the condition doesn’t worsen. If you have any questions or want more information, call us at (757) 490-9717 today. Schedule an appointment to learn more about how we can help you get back to a pain-free life.